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Foggy Mountain
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The Beauty of His Presence is a forty-day devotional geared toward personal reflection, growth, discipleship, and encouragement in the life of the believer. The book also highlights the many attributes of our God and His love for us and shows how we can each experience Him in a personal way, finding peace, joy, and fulfillment as His children by being in His presence.

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      The Audacity of A Dream is an account of a boy different from birth, who at the age of ten began to dream of a future that his circumstances defied, but with grit and determination, overcame the odds to realize his dream and made a difference in the process.

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A family is devasted by the sudden, unexplained illness and death of their mother, Caroline. The cause of death initially is unknown and tensions rise over a dispute for an autopsy. When the cause of death is revealed, their already strained relationship is torn apart as suspicions arise from among them. Did their mother commit suicide, or was she murdered? Virginia, the eldest daughter, is determined to find out the truth. Supported by her husband, Jack and assisted by her only brother, Luke, she digs deep and uncovers a darkness in their family that will change thier lives forever.

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