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Priceless Lesson

It has been a good long while I since I posted. I won't make any grand statments or pledge any New Year's resolutions but something happened today and the moment it did, I wanted to share it


I pulled up at my gas station of choice feeling a little sorry for myself, and self-conscious of the fact that I had only $10 to spend. I put my car in park, opened the gas tank, and as nonchalantly as I could, I handed my money to the pump attendant. Then, as is my habit, I checked for the price per gallon at the pump. I wanted to know how much gas my $10 was going to get me today. The price said $5:30.

I was disappointed. I was hoping for lower if only by a few cents which would bring me closer to two gallons. As my disappointment was about to turn into disgust about my circumstances, I did the second thing which is my habit. I looked up at the pump to see what the last sale before me had been. $7.49!

That shocked me out of my self-pity. I straightened in my seat and I turned my head to look at the pump to my left. $9!

Suddenly I laughed. Look at God! He was teaching me a priceless lesson. I looked around trying to see the other pumps but could not from where I was, besides, two of them were closed anyway so it was inevitable for me to be where I was. I got the message.

Here I was, feeling sorry for myself because I only had $10, but the truth was that I was going receive more gas for that $10 than the person before me with $7:47 or the person next to me with $9. My self-pity turned into appreciation and thankfulness.

The lesson? Regardless of your situation, be thankful because it still may be better than someone else's.

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