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Hello again, and Happy Easter!

Just a quick update. This is part of the story of my publishing journey which sequentially should come much later in these posts, but as it is happening now, it is important for me to make you aware.

I had some issues with the publication of my mystery novel, The Darker Side of Love. After it was loaded to Amazon, I did another read and saw a few minor mistakes. Being the perfectionist, I asked the company that did the publication to have it pulled. However, I lost contact with the company during COVID. I don't know if they went out of business or what but I was not able to reach them since. The book remained on Amazon in ebook format for several months after my request to have it pulled but during that time, I went to work correcting the mistakes and polishing the overall manuscript and that is the book that has now been short-listed and is being reviewed for traditional publication.

My update is that in my interview with host Ric Bratton, we said that it was still available on Amazon. However, I discovered just moments ago that it is no longer there. And that is great, because now when it is released in its polished state, the first draft will not be out there to overshadow it.

So, just wanted to let you that. Keep looking for it because it will be coming soon! The Darker Side of Love coming soon to a bookstore near you!

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