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A New Chapter

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

I was published again and it felt good. I was proud of the work and I had high hopes that this time it would be different. I had a content that more people would be able to connect with. So I thought . . .

The Unexpected

I got some book sales, mainly from people I knew and targeted, but they were not chasing me down for copies and the online sales were almost non-existant. The local book stores were not exited to carry it and only one store took a few copies on consignment. However after almost a year, the books were returned to me with not one sale. I was disappointed and once again, disillusioned.

Here I was again with another failed book. I think the thing that disappointed me the most is that I did not get the endorsement of my church. The book was a collection of some of the devotionals I had written for the church's magazine and they had met doctrinal approval to be printed and so I thought it would receive a great response. I am thankful that some of my fellow church members bought copies and a few have expressed that they were blessed by it. That was, and still is my greatest desire for my writing.


Fast forward to the present, as I look back on that time, I acknowledge that there were a numbers of things I did wrong, steps I missed in the publishing process that had I done, things may have been a little different. Just maybe. But as this journey continues, I will tell you about the many lessons learned along the way.

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