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All at Once

Hello again. It has been more than a few days since I last wrote. My time is being filled with all of my many publishing projects. There are so many things to do all at once.

One of the services I plan to offer is publishing consultation. What is that you might be asking? I am too well acquainted with the struggle of trying to be get published for the first time. Not knowing what to do or how to do things that would help me to realize that dream. I decided that the struggle I went through and the journey I am still on, is not just for me, but it is for me to learn and be able to help others to achieve that desired end along with me. So, in addition to my personal writings, I will offer consultancy services for new writers seeking guidance.

I am also connected with a publishing company and will seek to connect with others so that I can be able to help writers get a foot in the door and on their way to publication. So, if you are an author seeking to be published, or you know someone who is, connect with me and let's get talking. My email address is Today, I signed up my first client.

When I write again, I will tell you more about my other projects, but I must also get back to telling you about my publishing journey to the present.

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