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Bend in the road....or a Deadend??

Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!

As I have been saying, in a few weeks, the first in my children's book series will be released. I am grateful to the Lord for making that possible.

The biography of my brother, Thomas A.E. Evans, Q C. is now at the publishers.

My novel, for which this group was formed, made an impression on the minds of many. It has taken me on a journey I never expected and in many ways, I was not prepared for. The most recent path it has taken me to is the New York Times. However, wonderful as it would have been, if the Lord doesn't work one more miracle for me, I will not be able to travel this path.

As we speak, the window of opportunity for it is closing because the Times needed a deposit for the book ad by this evening. Despite my best efforts, I have not yet been able to raise what was required. It is in God's hands. If this is the end of the journey, then He will not make a way. If He intends for the journey to continue, then we will have another chapter to read about.

God's Will be done.

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