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Disappointed. Again

Things did not take off at home as I had hoped they would but as I look into the mirror at that time, I note that there were things I needed to do that were not done. My knowledge of marketing was very minimal. First of all, I had the misunderstanding that the publishers were going to do the advertising for me, get me interviews and book signings and all the other things that go with it. None of those things happened. I was disappointed. Again.

To begin with, my circle of contacts was very small and I did not know that I needed a mailing list. I did not even have a good Facebook presence and I did not think to utilize that platform. I did not seek to set up interviews with the Media, or approach other churches to do presentations. There was so much I did not know and there was no one to steer me in the right direction.

While things drew to a stand still on the home scene, the marketing department of the publishing company was calling about the book being entered into book fairs. They told me that having my book at book fairs would make it visible to thousands of book buyers and investors. That sounded great and again my hopes began to rise a little. The cost was daunting and a struggle to come up with but I managed to pay for the first one. The event came and was gone and that was it. Nothing changed. No increase in sales, no activity was generated from it at all.

No Takers

Other than the encouragement to do the book fairs, the content distributors had also encouraged me to purchase copies of the book to have on hand for sales. It was good practice to do that, but it was not fruitful. I could not stir up an interest in the book to boost sales no matter what I did. By this time too much time had passed since the release to do interviews and I lacked the inspiration to try to create new methods of marketing. I was left with boxes of books. I tried to find ways to give them away but there were no takers. It was a low period. I decided that this was it this time for sure.

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