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Dreams and The Real World

The calls from the publisher's marketing department continued to come with each caller more aggressive than the last. Everyone telling me that I needed to do the marketing that they were offering and each plan was costing more money than I had. My response to them all was that I would love to but the money was no longer there. Eventually I became so frustrated by all of the calls, I told them to never call me again.

This was not the way I had envisioned my writing career going. From I was a young girl, I had dreams of writing books like the ones I loved and having people love mine as well. I used to dream of being successful and redesigning our childhood home and taking care of my parents. That was my dream, but this was the real world. My parents were already dead and my books were going nowhere.

Unquenchable Fire

By this time, our church magazine had been put on hold as well so there was no output for my writing locally either. I tried to put writing out of my mind but the fire continued to burn in my spirit. I began designing greeting cards. I did some specially designed ones and sold a few here and there, Then came the explosion of the online card business and people were able to access any card they wanted and print them out, or simply send them online and so the request for my cards stopped as well. I was again disappointed and without an outlet for my writing, but the desire to write continued to strive and my mind continued to swirl with ideas of writing. Deep within my heart, the fire of hope still burned strong.

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