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Today is the close of what has been a phenomenal week. I had planned to talk about my publishing journey over the next several weeks, but I will deviate this week to pay special tribute to two women who played integral roles in helping to mold me both professionally and spiritually.

Joan Crawley Coakley stood barely over 5 feet tall but she had a forceful presence. She was meticulous in her work and held everyone to her standard. She was also very punctual and never missed a day if it could be helped. These things were not new to me, having had them instilled in me from childhood by my parents, but they were reinforced in the environment she created.

Iris Velma Allen stood just a little taller than Mrs. Coakley, but she stood tall in her character. She was strong and firm in her views of what was right and what was wrong. For her, there was no dividing line between her work and her God and therefore she viewed everything through the eyes of her faith, and showed me through her words and her life, how to do the same.

I am grateful to both of these women for their knowing and unknowing contribution to who I am today. I pray that I journey on, that I am leaving a legacy behind, that I also, am touching amd helping to mold lives of other woman. In the words of a song I love so much but the author to me is unknown, 'May those who come behind us, find us faithful!"

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