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The lock downs and joblessness as a result of COVID -19 has left so many depressed, lonely, discouraged, or simply bored out of their minds. However, instead of looking at a blank wall all day, or up at a ceiling where the only thing moving is the fan, why not put your mind to work and explore things that you can do. This situation may have come to push many of us out of our comfort zone, to get up and do the thing that we are really supposed to be doing.

The Challenge

I challenge you to find that one thing that you were born to do. It is most likely the thing that you dream about doing while you are sitting on someone else's job, taking orders and feeling disgusted and frustrated about what you are doing. Or maybe you had one of those jobs but you lost it through COVID-19. Do not settle, and do not give up. Look within your heart to find that thing you love to do, and see about doing it.

Join the Team

I am getting up from the canvas that I have been knocked down to, and getting back up on my feet. My legs may be wobbling, and everything around me spinning, but I am getting up. In spite of my many setbacks with my writing, I am stepping out again, to seek to make my mark. I am doing a relaunch of my mystery novel and this time I am building a launch team, and I am inviting you to join. If you are interested, shoot me an email at I would be happy to hear from you.

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