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Lesson from Popping Corn

There are many teachable moments in life and they pop up in the most unusual of circumstances and when you least expect them to.

I took a couple of vacation days and have been spending a leisurely day today completing odd jobs here and there. I decided to pop a bit of popcorn to munch on as I sit and watch movies and do a little writing. I have the old fashioned kernels instead of the instant kind. I put some kernels in the pot and reduced the heat because I was going away from the kitchen to do a few other things while they popped.

I came back after a while expecting to see the lid of the pot jumping and to hear the sound of the kernels' rapid popping, but instead, there was silence. I took the lid off to peer inside, expecting that since all was quiet that the kernels had all popped already. This again was a wrong assumption. Instead of a pot full of popped kernels, only a few had popped. I thought something must be wrong with the kernels, they must not be good. I looked at the low flames under the pot and realized that the problem was that the fire had not been strong enough beneath the pot. I turned up the fire and shook the pot gently and the kernels began to pop. However, the end product still was not what I had originally hoped for. This was likely because the fire had not been hot enough from the beginning, and because the process was interrupted by my removing the cover too soon.

The lesson I learned from these popped corns was that sometimes the heat of difficult times is necessary to bring about the result that is intended in our lives. During this Pandemic, many new entrepreneurial ventures were started as a means of survival. Those things may seem as merely that, but some could very well be what was intended for you to do all along, but it took adversity to push you out of your comfort to do it. It also taught that a process interrupted before it is complete diminishes the outcome. So if you are under pressure in your life, do not just seek to relieve it, but look to see what it may be producing in your life.

2 Corinthians 4:17 says, "For the light afflictions, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;"

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