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My Diary of Sermon Notes

A Rock In A Weary Land

As we come to the close of another year, we carry with us, the joys of our successes, the sorrows of our failures, and the regrets of opportunities lost.

The mixture of these emotions can sometimes leave us feeling weary and the sorrow and regret can often overshadow and overpower the joy until it fades. But God does not want us to be weary and joyless. He wants us to seek to have a heart and spirit of thankfulness, and when we feel weary to lean upon Him. 1 Peter 5:7 says to Cast all our cares upon Him.

Because of the multifaceted characteristics of Jesus, He is qualified to be our 'Rock' in a weary land. Psalm 18. describes the LORD as our rock. His solid immovable, unchangeable presence is comforting and reassuring in times of uncertainty, worry, and distress, and we can dwell safely in the shadow of His presence.

The rock of Jesus is sufficient. He is able to meet every need in our lives, therefore we can be comforted that any need in our lives that went unmet this year, was not because He was not able to meet it, but maybe it was not His will to do so, or it was not His time to meet it. Or maybe even He met it in a different way that we didn't recognize.

Rest assured that Jesus is able to meet every need of everyone.

The rock of Jesus is enduring. It will stand the test of time. You can be assured that Jesus is also able to take care of the things for the coming year that is causing you to lose sleep.

The rock of Jesus is refreshing. When we come to the Lord, bringing all our weariness and our cares, He lifts the burden from our shoulders and gives us the grace to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

So, as you look to the new year, lean into the Rock that is Jesus so that His shadow can cover you and give you what you need for the year ahead.

Question: Are there things weighing on your heart from the year that has passed?

Thought: Because the rock of Jesus is so large and immovable, we can dwell safely in His shadow

Action: Make the LORD your hiding place and face the New Year with hope and courage.

Based upon excerpts from

Sermon notes from the June 10, 2007 message

by the late Senior Pastor Emeritus. F. Edward Allen

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