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The Early Days

As I said a few weeks ago, I was going to share the story of my publishing, here is where it all began.

My First

The first thing I wrote was a poem when I was five. It was written for my first grade class and it was printed in our school's Christmas magazine. I wish I could say that I remembered what it said, but I don't, but I remember being so proud to see it in print. It was the first of many little efforts and over time, they continued to develop to the point that people began to notice them and encourage me to continue writing. I remember a winter resident on my island met me sitting on the beach one morning waiting for school to begin. I had some pieces of paper with some of my poetry and she asked to see them. She encouraged me to keep on writing.

Branching Out

In high school my writing began to broaden. I wrote articles for my school's news letter as well and eventually became the Editor. I still wrote poetry. I wrote one for my graduation which was a part of my Head Girl's address, but I was reading more and so my interest was also broadening. I found that I had a love for mysteries and devoured every one I could get my hands on. I was also reading plays and studying old Ballets and enjoying them. I began to fantasize about writing my own mysteries and plays, as well as books of poetry. I was so besotted with Literature, that when my school failed to provide a teacher for the subject, I studied for the O'Level Literature exams on my own. I am proud to add that I sat and successfully passed those exams too.

These days were the foundation for my career. Next week, I will tell you what came next.

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