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Where we Left Off

So, where were we on our journey? After the Ministry rejected my book, I did not write poetry anymore; at least not for myself. I wrote poems for other people upon request but I did not keep them. I tried to suppress my desire to write. I wanted to forget about it altogether.

Unquenchable Desire

But the desire would not die. I began trying novel writing. I had first chapters of so many different books but none of them seemed to go anywhere. During this time I was also dealing with my mother's illness. She was beginning to exhibit signs of Alzheimer's Disease and so I was not getting a whole lot done.

Eventually, I decided to relocate with her to the city to be near the rest of my older siblings for assistance with her and for her to be nearer to her doctors. In Nassau, I enrolled in college part-time, working in the days and studying at night, and looking after my mother. Although my major was in Accounting, I studied a good bit of English and creative writing. After my mother passed, I got involved in my church. I joined its drama group and began writing and performing short plays that were done during services. But I still did not keep any of the material. I had to write. I could not quench the desire to do so, but I did not harbour any dreams of publication.

Published Again

Our church also had a monthly magazine and I was soon involved with that. I began writing devotionals to contribute to it. In 2007, I joined the church staff full time and that brought me directly into the production process of the magazine. I was writing for it as well as proofing it and helping with the layout. My devotionals were well received and somewhere along the way, I began keeping copies for myself. At this time, my sister, the author of Yellow Elder, was looking for a publisher and so I decided to assist her. I wrote to a company asking for information. The company called but my sister decided that she was not ready. They then asked me if I was ready and they offered me a deal I could not turn down. Out of nowhere, I was being published....again.

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