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Wow Moments

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

My greatest satisfaction as an author is the pleasure my readers get from reading my books. I have delighted in every response that I have received, but the one I got yesterday really made my day.

Here it is:


I picked up my book sometime last evening, and couldn't put it down!!!

When I did, it was precisely 12:30 this had me brewing coffee as well:-)

...didn't want to miss a bit!

I fell in love with the storyline and characters almost immediately...I was hooked by the fourth paragraph!!!

Funny thing...each time Virginia started her coffee brew because of some recent development of news, I would walk into my kitchen and set on a fresh pot myself...(Maxwell House has an awesome hazelnut flavor! The aroma alone is so pairs well with drama)...

Thank you for taking me on this journey with you; absolutely loved the book!!!!!

And I totally loved this response. It gives me unspeakable joy each time a reader says they have enjoyed reading my books.

Thank you to every one of you!!

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